Map Title and Legend

Map Title and Legend


In general, a map is an aggregate of elements having a common relationship in a distinct space or environment. The maps use coordinate systems to translate three-dimensional real surfaces into dimensional platforms. There are several types of maps such as climate maps, political maps, street maps, weather maps and geophysical maps just to name a few. These maps are tools to relate information, to transfer knowledge and to aid individuals in making executive decisions. Inaccurate and incomplete maps can hinder information, reduce the ability to communicate our ideas to others, and may cause great frustration. It is crucial and essential to geophysical interpreters to be able to read and identify maps. The maps are more beneficial if they include the following elements: the projection information, a title block and a legend (map key).

Learning Objectives

  • Describe the most commonly used maps in geology and geophysics.
  • Understand some basic principles of geodesy.
  • Know the importance of the map title and legend


Content Includes:

  • ST110: PDF 11 pages and Audio option
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