We are the VIDL Network Team

Meet the VIDL Network Team

We are the VIDL Network Team

Meet the VIDL Network Team

Meet the VIDL Network team. We are the VIDL Network team. As with our consulting philosophy, we keep your goal in mind with your VIDL Network training. VIDL Network team insist on delivering a candid, meaningful interpretation. Home

Corine Prieto – Founder / President

Corine Prieto – Founder / PresidentCorine is the founder and Managing Director; she brings to VIDL Network over 40 years of diverse experience. Having worked on both sides of the client/consultant partnership and served on University College of Science Board, she brings a unique combination of technical expertise and business acumen. As primary client interface, she is well recognized for both her analytical skills as well as her business practices, which ensure thorough, reliable and effective services. Her approach incorporates an integration of multiple sciences in the evaluation process and draws on her extensive domestic and international background. Her former corporate affiliations include The Superior Oil Company and Mobil Oil Corporation. She holds a Bachelors degree in physics and mathematics from the University of Texas-El Paso and a Masters degree in applied physics from the University of Toronto in Ontario, Canada. She serves the University of Texas at El Paso College of Science Advisory Board. Texas Professional Geoscientist License # 4933.

Dave Oxley – Associate Geophysicist

VIDL Network TeamDave is an Associate Geophysicist; he brings to the VIDL Network over 40 years of global geophysical experience in hydrocarbon exploration. His extensive project experience have involved most aspects of geophysical interpretation and data processing, ranging from regional potential field analysis to integrated gravity/magnetics/seismic/geologic interpretations and to 3D seismic interpretations of producing oil & gas fields.His former corporate affiliation included Mobil Oil Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geology from The Ohio State University, a Master of Science degree in Geophysics from the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, and a Master of Science degree in Environmental Science from the University of Texas – Dallas. He is a registered Texas Professional Geoscientist, License # 3790.

Dr. Weldon Beauchamp – Consultant

VIDL Network TeamDr. Beauchamp brings to the VIDL Network 30 years of global experience in geology/geophysics. He started oil/gas prospecting with Sun International Exploration and Production Company in Dallas, Texas and London, England. Subsequently, he joined ARCO in Plano, Texas where he worked in Iran, Turkey, Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela. Weldon has worked as a consultant for 18 years for various client companies in areas such as Equatorial Guinea, Offshore Togo, Offshore Morocco, Onshore Iraq Bulgaria, Poland, and Papua New Guinea. He has also been involved with independents in North America working the Mid-Continent of the US, North Sea, Africa, and the Middle East regions.

Jade Gordon – Sr. Geophysicist

VIDL Network TeamJade Gordon is a Senior Geophysicist with over 12 years of geophysical data acquisition, processing and interpretation experience. Her primary professional interest is working with Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry data. Her corporate affiliation is with Bell Geospace known as a leader in gravity gradiometry. It acquires, processes and interprets Full Tensor Gravity (FTG) Gradiometry data to explore for petroleum, base metals, diamonds, precious metals, and groundwater as well as regional geologic mapping. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh and a Master of Science degree in Geophysics from the University of Edinburgh.

Sol Meyer – Data Analyst

VIDL Network TeamSol Meyer is a Data Analyst; he brings to the VIDL Network over 10 years of experience in current data processing techniques in various types of survey data, including radiometric, electromagnetic, altimeter, magnetic, gravity and methane. His corporate affiliation is with Sander Geophysics, Ottawa, Canada known for airborne geophysical survey projects worldwide for the oil and gas industry. Sol received his Bachelor of Science degree in Astronomy from the University of British Columbia, and has done additional studies in Mining Technology with British Columbia Institute of Technology.

Cotton Michelle Starr – Chemistry Educator

Ms. Starr is a chemist with over eight years experience directly working with university experience and in pharmaceutical research and development. Her primary focus is in organic chemistry and education. She is has created and produced digital content for organic chemistry lab classes at University level. She facilitated development in blended classrooms for general chemistry lecture at The University of Texas at Austin and currently teaches general chemistry lab classes at the University of Houston – Downtown. She holds a B.S. in chemistry from The University of Texas at Austin and a M.S. in chemistry from University of Houston.

Michael Alexander – Geophysical Advisor

VIDL Network TeamMike is a Geophysical Advisor; he brings to the VIDL Network over 64 years of global geophysical experience in both onshore and offshore petroleum exploration. His early career was spent on a seismic field crews; he then transitioned into seismic interpretation and data processing. Now, his major professional interest is in the field of gravity and magnetic interpretation with particular emphasis on the integration of potential field data with seismic and geologic control. His former corporate affiliation included Exxon Corporation. He holds a Professional Degree as a Geophysical Engineer from Colorado School of Mines.

Karim Aimadeddine – Sr. Data Processing Geophysicist

VIDL Network Team
Karim is a Senior Data Processing Geophysicist; he brings to the VIDL Network over 20 years of global oil and gas industry experience. His project expertise involves data processing and mapping of gravity and magnetics data. His corporate affiliation includes Integrated Geophysics Corporation. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Physics & Mathematics from The University Houston.