Airborne Gravity

Course Module: GS 201 – Airborne Gravity Quality Control


What should quality control procedures do? They should ultimately check for errors or conditions that are known to cause deterioration in the data quality. They should identify any processing errors, and quantify noise levels and resolution to ensure they meet contract specifications. This module delineates quality control techniques. Note that each gravity system will have its own set of quality control parameter guidelines, and the quality control check used must be specific to the gravity system being used.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will understand quality control techniques that can be used for monitoring airborne gravity data, such as:

  • Drift Monitoring using Static Testing,
  • Repeatability using Test Lines,
  • Intersection Statistics,
  • Leveling Corrections,
  • Line Deviations,
  • Horizontal And Vertical Accelerations due to Aircraft Motion,
  • Oversampled Grids, and more.


Content Includes:

  • GS 201: PDF 5 pages and 1 Video


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