Airborne Gravity

Course Module: GS 101 – Airborne Gravity Systems and Survey Design


This module addresses what is an airborne gravity system. The module starts with a reference to gravity variation and acceleration. It takes you through the different types of gravity systems. Simply, there are two types of highly sensitive accelerometers used to measure the earth’s gravity field. The instruments and the calibration required are discussed.  The module concludes with applications when airborne gravity surveys are appropriate, and what are the factors required to design an effective survey for the target sought.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will come to understand the following topics:

  • What is Gravity Variation?
  • Units Of Acceleration,
  • Different Types Of Gravity Systems Namely Absolute and Relative,
  • Gravimeter Calibration,
  • Applications for Airborne Gravity Surveys,
  • Survey Design, and
  • Types Of Flight Surfaces.


Content Includes:

  • GS 101: PDF 7 pages and 1 Video


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