Why VIDL Network

I have been asked why start a VIDL Network. Basically I observed that times have changed.

More rapidly in the last five years than what I had ever sensed before. My career has been in one of the move dynamic industries where being ‘current’ is paramount.

My observations are that ….

  • Training once an integral part of corporate employment was minimal if at all.
  • The future of in-house training is not on a positive trend; it has been cut or drastically reduced in budgets.
  • There is great interest to better oneself personally and for business.
  • Time is generally the issue. Lives are busy.
  • There seems to be only a sliver of time for education. The effort to stay ‘current’ is has been compounded by life.

Today’s professional seeks to stay current with advancements in technology that applies to his/her industry or to gain working knowledge of other science applications to stay competitive. It is wise to have a 2nd science in the back pocket.

My intent with the VIDL Network™ was to design web-based modules that introduce techniques, gain understanding of science applications and the ability to access real-data based projects to allow experiencing the use of these techniques. As a result, one absorbs both theory and gains a practical application of what was learned. An individual can accomplish this at his own timetable, via one module at a time; read it on the bus or after the kiddo has gone to bed.

Author: Corine Prieto serves as Managing Director of the VIDL Network™, a gathering of expert commentary on various topics in the applied sciences

We offer a ready-accessible 24/7 web site www.vidlnetwork.com to facilitate the access.