VIDL Network for those in a job that want to expand scope

The new identifier in business is versatile. An incredibly flexible individual with multiple disciplines has become valuable to the employer.  He is the promotable. If you find yourself as a single-discipline individual/expert, it’s time to start expanding that expertise to stay in the game. I don’t mean an expert in all disciplines.  The upward mobility investigates acquiring at a basic level proficiency or working knowledge of a second science; often continue to accomplish practical application proficiency. Today’s advancement in business is demands continuous learning.

I am working to amass a group of experts in specific fields to developed eLearning modules embedded with real-data examples. The level of proficiency sought is dependent on what one seeks to target. Modern learning science suggests that reading and studying a topic alone is not sufficient to become adept in a subject. That proficiency is gained through practice of the topic. The individual subscriber can choose his level of proficiency and his timetable with the VIDL Network™.

I have designed VIDL Network to introduce techniques and gain versatility in various science applications. An individual can accomplish this at his own timetable with being 24/7 ready-accessible.

Author: Corine Prieto serves as Managing Director of the VIDL Network™, a gathering of expert commentary on various topics in the applied sciences.

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