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VIDL Network Blog

VIDL Network Blog

VIDL Network Blog

VIDL Network Blog


Corine Prieto’s Blog, ‘The Potential’ 

Is For Those Seeking Know-How

There is great interest to better oneself personally and in business. Learning is the link between personal and business strategy and execution. We have designed the VIDL Network to target the interests of those seeking know-how. The geoscientist at a small company wanting to incorporate potential fields to support a prospect; a geoscientist in a major exploration company seeking to broaden their expertise; the professor asked to teach potential fields for the first time; the university student fulfilling a required course; or the curious seeker of more knowledge.

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Why VIDL Network I have been asked why start a VIDL Network. Basically I observed that times have changed. More rapidly in the last five years than what I had ever sensed before. My career has been in one [...]

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