The Human Filter

VIDL Network experience can introduce you to the Human Filter. At least so far, artificial intelligence has not yet been able to replicate the instinct and intuition of a skilled interpreter–one with the necessary technical skills to analyze multiple data sets as well as a creative flair to generate viable prospects.

This is the latest daily news… the data are arriving in unprecedented volumes with even higher resolution. The technology explosion continues in the area of new applications. One must not forget software and hardware technology. In recent years, it has changed the data evaluation process. Depth imaging techniques and 3-D visualization matched with high-speed optimization and neural networks have entered into production mode within the operations of most companies. These procedures are at the point where they have been fine-tuned and are functional, and companies no longer consider them research items.

Perhaps the greatest impact brought to bear by the onslaught of today’s new technology hits the skilled interpreter, inundated by new data, hardware and software. Each advance is promising much, and in some cases, delivering more. This leads to a need for more complex, more interdependent and ultimately more skilled knowledge of both input and output.

Even with the best data and technology at hand, the reality remains…that is, an industry has to interpret information from disparate sciences in order to reduce risk and maximize success.

The Reality Check
I am going to declare “it” has happened; this is the year reality hits. For the past decade, industries have been developing all this record-breaking technology–in acquisition, processing and interpretation techniques. Here comes the reality check: Technology is ineffective without the skilled interpreter.