Regional Structural Framework of Gabon, Derived from Public Source Gravity Data


This regional interpretation of western Gabon is based on satellite-derived gravity data offshore, a bathymetry/topographic grid, and a compilation of published data offshore and onshore. Local features of primary exploration interest include a series of basins and high blocks trending subparallel to and subnormal to the coastline. Fault/fracture zones extend northeast from the oceanic crust of the South Atlantic onto the offshore shelf and the onshore coastal areas of Gabon. Gabon’s coastal plain is flanked to the east by basement outcrop from the Gabon-Congo border to the Gabon-Equatorial Guinea border. It widens northward and is subdivided north-south into two main structural provinces by the N’Komi fault/fracture zone. It contains five basins, two of which extend into the offshore, and five high blocks, one of which extends into the offshore. Gabon’s offshore shelf contains five significant basins and five major high blocks.


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