In this project, you will use 3D gravity modeling software in an offshore setting to calculate the 3D gravity effect of the bathymetry, several crustal layers and the crust-mantle interface, the Moho.
Building on Project 601 in which the 3D Bouguer correction was calculated, crustal layers will be added based on density and depth control from sources such as wells and refraction data.
An initial Base of Crust (Moho) will be derived using an Airy-Heiskanen formula and tied to deep refraction data.
Gravity inversions of the Moho and shallower crustal layers will be run making adjustments between iterations to honor available depth control.
Modeling success may be judged based on the match between the calculated and observed fields and fit of the geologic interfaces with the constraints of the data control.
Prerequisite Projects: 600 & Module #36