In this project, you will use 3D gravity modeling software in an offshore setting to calculate the 3D gravity effect of the bathymetry.
This effect, the 3D Bouguer correction, will then be applied using grid processing software to the Free-Air gravity thus producing Bouguer gravity.
Most of the signal in Free-Air gravity processed to sea level is from the large density contrast at the water-sediment interface.
This same type of large density contrast but at the air-sediment interface is what necessitates the Bouguer correction for onshore gravity data.
Without the correction, mapped gravity data is largely a reflection of the bathymetry.
You will also come to understand why a 3D or side-looking calculation is better than a simple vertical offset Bouguer correction.
This project will also allow you to experiment with various control parameters within the modeling software to understand their effect on the computation.
Prerequisite Project: 600