Contouring Isopach Maps Support

Contouring Isopach Maps Support


This module consists of three (3) exercises (videos) and a well-based Project. The series develops methods for determining contour values, shape, orientation and spacing of contours.

The video exercises will give you an opportunity to develop an understanding of the options in data contouring.

  • Method 1 – contour a set of random data points,
  • Method 2 – constructing an isopach map from data points with knowing limited geologic information,
  • Method 3 – constructing an isopach map from cross-section profiles and having an understanding of the geologic processes.

Project ST 120M3

This contouring project brings ST120 – Method 3 into practice. A series of nine (9) cross-sections are presented. The cross-sections are based on 114 wells in Southwestern Louisiana.  The area covered extends from the Sabine River to St Martin & Iberia Parishes.

Project Location Map is provided as a location reference. Project Basemap (PDF) provided can be downloaded. Recommended for mapping is 11”x17” paper. You are asked to hand-contour two maps: depth & thickness. Eight (8) steps are outlined.

Learning Objectives:

The main learning objective of the series is to leave you with an understanding of utilizing foundation (example in this case: geologic) processes to make better contour maps.


Content Includes:

  • ST 120: 4 Videos
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