Northern Gulf of Mexico: Basins, Massifs, and the Upper Crust


SEG Conference Abstract Michael Alexander, Integrated Geophysics Corp., David Oxley, Integrated Geophysics Corp., J.C. Pratsch, Consultant, Corine Prieto*, Integrated Geophysics Corp

Most world oil and gas production has been established in regions underlain by continental crust. Now recent exploration has moved into deep water regions considered by some as underlain by oceanic crust. Despite high industry and academic interest in mapping the limits of oceanic crust in the Gulf of Mexico basin, there is no real consensus as to how and where the oceanic/continental crust boundaries can best be defined. Quantitative interpretation of extensive high-resolution potential field data sets, integrated with other data by means of modern 3D earth modeling techniques, provides new insight into relationships between deep basins, basement massifs, and the crust under the northern Gulf of Mexico.


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