New insights from a 3D earth model, deepwater Gulf of Mexico


The dynamics of the results from a 3D Earth Model are summarized. The integrated interpretation utilizing multiple geophysical sciences was designed to resolve a complex and yet common salt/sediment interface problem observed repeatedly in the exploration efforts in the deep water region of the Gulf of Mexico. The interpretation project was initiated because of a prospect lying along the edge of a prospective mini-basin. The prospect consisted of an amplitude trapped up against the base of an allochthonous salt bed that was poorly imaged by seismic in the critical trapping area. The final results demonstrate the power of the earth model approach in resolving the salt/sediment interface problem. Further, it describes how a byproduct of this synergistic approach provided new and valuable insight into rugosity and salt tectonics. The 3D Earth Model results led to the inference of an inversion of structure apparently caused by early salt tectonics in a unique setting.


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