Gulf of Mexico Region

Gulf of Mexico Region


GoM Index Map

The index map shows the Gulf of Mexico region, located in the Atlantic Ocean between the United States and Mexico. The areal extent of the map is approximately 3,439,000 square kilometers (1,327,700 sq. miles).

Gulf of Mexico Region IGC 3D Earth Model Bouguer Gravity

The Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map was generated using Sandwell’s Free-Air Gravity grid version 28.1 and Sandwell’s bathymetry/topography grid version 19.1. The Bouguer corrections for offshore and onshore areas were done using a density of 2.45 g/cc and a density of 2.67 g/cc respectively. The objective of the Bouguer correction is to minimize the effect of high relief bathymetric features observed in the Free-air gravity offshore data, similarly to correct for the excess of gravity effects due to topography above sea level onshore. The resulting Bouguer Gravity Anomaly Map is recommended for qualitative interpretation of tectonic elements and crustal structure. The Map ranges between -88 and 173 milligals and contoured at 5 mGals.


Content Included:

  • Index Map and Bouguer Gravity Map
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