Course Module: RS 302 Interpretation and Applications

Course Module: RS 302 Interpretation and Applications


The module starts with ratios. Looking at the ratios of radioelements is a useful tool. Many of the factors that affect radioelement concentration are present in all windows, such as soil moisture, vegetation and topography. By taking the ratio of two different radioelements these factors essentially cancel out, leaving a more robust geological signal. Next, the discussion takes you to ternary radioelement maps.

After that we will look at potassium, uranium, and thorium sources. We cover using radiometric data for geological mapping. Finally, we will cover some applications of radiometric data, including mineral deposits, petroleum exploration, radon risk mapping and manmade sources.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will have gained insight in the application of the radioelements in exploration:

    • Ratios,
    • Ternary radioelement maps,
    • Radiometric data for geological mapping,
    • Data application in mineral & petroleum exploration,
    • Radon risk mapping



Content Includes:

  • RS 302: PDF 7 pages and 1 video
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