Course Module: PF 118 – Data Enhancement Techniques


Broad-spectrum of complex information is prevalent in all geophysical datasets. The information reflects the physical effects of all cultural and geological sources. Geophysical interpreters have been utilizing data enhancement techniques to: a) effectively remove unwanted cultural components from the data, and b) efficiently preserve the valuable information pertaining to shallow and buried geological features.

Learning Objectives

After completing this Module, you will be able to:

  • Describe what commonly utilized data enhancement techniques (or filters) are.
  • Explain how data enhancement techniques can benefit your business (interpreters) to:
    • Remove perturbing cultural noises and extract the maximum from your data.
    • Isolate anomaly zone of interest: from earth surface to basement or base of crust.
    • Delineate shallow and surface geological features.
    • Emphasize anomaly gradient zones.
    • Identify regional structural trends and major tectonics
    • Isolate geological targets and anomalies of interest.


Content Includes:

  • PF 118: PDF 13 pages

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