Course Module: PF 116 – Optimum Profile

Course Module: PF 116 – Optimum Profile


What is an optimal profile and how should an interpreter select one? Selecting the optimal profile is one of the most important initial steps in 2D modelling and depth estimation. By making a proper selection you can make sure the parameters resulting from your calculations have not been distorted. In most cases the optimal profile to analyze is normal to the strike of an anomaly or structure. That profile will give the best results when calculating gravity or magnetic depth estimates needed for quantitative interpretation of anomaly source bodies and will provide more accurate and geologically meaningful 2D structural models.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module you’ll be able to:

  • Decide on an initial step involved with structural modelling; specifically, the selection of the optimal line position along which to model.
  • Understand why selecting the correct profile is vital in magnetic depth estimation
  • Understand how analysis of the optimal profile impacts an interpretation


Content Includes:

  • PF 116: PDF 8 pages with Audio option


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