Course Module: PF 111 – Intrusive Signatures – Salt – Shale – Mafic

Course Module: PF 111 – Intrusive Signatures – Salt – Shale – Mafic


Each geologic province may have unique geological or geophysical parameters. Therefore prospective anomaly signature associated with each individual province will vary accordingly. Pattern recognition of anomaly signature is of vital importance to all interpretation sciences. The following discussion is one of a series of six on the importance of pattern recognition for geoscientist interested in obtaining a working knowledge of what type of signal patterns are valuable for the purpose of integrating gravity and magnetic data with seismic and geological data to develop exploration targets. The incorporation of the integration process in exploration is known to reduce risk & evaluation time and therefore reduce the total cost of exploration.

Learning objectives

After completing this module you will be able to:

  • Identify the signature pattern of various types of intrusion
  • Understand why pattern recognition is the basis of effective interpretation


Content Includes:

  • PF 111: PDF 13 pages
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