Course Module: PF 106 – Magnetic Susceptibility

Course Module: PF 106 – Magnetic Susceptibility


Magnetic susceptibility is known as the ratio of the magnetization of a material to the magnetic field strength; it is a tensor when these two quantities are not parallel, otherwise it is a number. The magnetic susceptibility of a rock is proportional to the volume percent of magnetic minerals. Magnetic susceptibility (k) is a trace property of the rocks because the percentage of the magnetic minerals even in basic igneous rocks is usually one percent or less. Yet minimal variations in magnetic content can cause large changes in susceptibility.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, you will have:

  • An understanding of a rock’s various types of magnetism
  • An understanding of what is magnetic susceptibility
  • A set of reference Tables of Magnetic Susceptibility Values




Content Includes:

    • PF 106: PDF 7 pages and Audio option
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