Course Module: GR 103 Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry: Planning and Acquiring Data


Having a good appreciation of the concepts involved in planning an FTG Survey are beneficial in terms of deciding whether FTG is the most appropriate technique for a given exploration program. In addition, understanding the acquisition is important for reviewing the quality of the data when preparing and checking the quality control specification.

This module is separated into 3 parts:

Part 1: Considers the feasibility of FTG for targets, including considering noise and detectability

Part 2: Looks at planning an FTG survey, including considerations such as suitable bases for operations, weather, daylight, terrain and security.

Part 3: Looks at suitability of platforms for FTG surveys and creation of line and drape plans.


Content Includes:

  • GR 103: PDF 32 pages and 3 Videos

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