Course Module: GR 102 Full Tensor Gravity – Understanding the Components


This module consists of a series of three (3) Videos and a summary text (PDF 23 pages). All three videos are covering the topic Understanding the Components of  Full Tensor Gravity Data.

Video 1 – Understanding the modeled response of a simple block.  We start with understanding the characteristics of the tensor’s signal responses utilizing the modeled responses of a simple block as an example.

– Video 2Relating the modeled responses to geological features or geometries. We continue by using the modeled responses of simple blocks to illustrate and discuss the signal changes due to target depth, density variations and volume.

Video 3A component by component analysis of two real data set examples. 1st example will be a salt dome with shallow signal due to high density variation distorting the signal of the deeper salt geometry. The 2nd example is a good example of variations due to near surface terrain.


Content Includes:

  • GR 102: PDF 23 pages and 3 Videos

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