Course Module: GA 102 – Structural Styles – Extensional

Course Module: GA 102 – Structural Styles – Extensional


Module GA 102 concentrates on the tectonics and propagation of contacts and unconformities.
Structural styles of the normal fault concept are covered. The conformable and intrusive contacts are described. Throughout the one hour video, surface and seismic examples are discussed. This module is for someone who has interest in a geologic review of terms and structural styles or for the individual seeking an understanding of the terminology.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will have obtained working knowledge on Extensional tectonics:

  • Normal fault concepts are covered; such as, grabens, half graben, listric faulting and slump features.
  • Conformable contacts; such as conformity, disconformity, angular unconformity and nonconformity
  • Intrusive contacts; such as volcanic and sedimentary
  • Extensional terrains; Rifts


Content Includes:

  • GA 102: 1 Video
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