Course Module: GA 101 – Structural Styles – Compressional

Course Module: GA 101 – Structural Styles – Compressional


Module GA 101 concentrates on the tectonics and propagation of thrusts such as the Andean style & Himalayan style. Structural terms are set forth; describing the orientation of fold limbs, circular outcrop patterns typical for both domes and basins, and monoclines the result of movement along buried faults. The module covers the basic fault concepts, recognizing detachments, and complex geometries. The strike slip faults are discussed illustrating the very complex map view of fault patterns and fault terminations. Throughout the one hour video, surface and seismic examples are discussed. This module is for someone who has interest in a geologic review of terms and structural styles or for the individual seeking an understanding of the terminology.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will have obtained working knowledge on:

  • Compressional Tectonics – thrusts, faults and folds
  • Basic fault concepts are covered; for example,
    Axial planes,
    Kink bands and folding
    Imbricated fan faults,
    Propagation folds,
    Lift-up folds,
    Ramp anticlines – anti-formal stack –
    Horse (duplexes)
    Strike slip faults
  • Recognizing detachments
  • Complex geometries; such as, Triangle zones


Content Includes:

  • GA 101: 1 Video
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