Support Topics

VIDL Network experience can introduce you to support topics, or more specifically, planning, surveys, contouring, maps titles and legends. The experience allows you to review some applications of these data or to embark on solving a specific geologic problem.

The planned courses for this category are:

  • Seismic Acquisition Planning
  • Gravity/Magnetic/Gradiometry Surveys Overview
  • Planning and Acquisition of FTG Survey
  • Optimum Grid Spacing
  • What does Contouring Tell Us
  • Hand vs. Computer Contouring
  • Map Titles & Legends
  • Introduction to Contouring Series
    • Isopachs
      • Sedimentary Bodies
      • ¬†Intervals
      • Reservoir Properties
    • Structural Mapping
      • Depth Maps (M, TBD, TBD subsea)
      • Unconventional
      • Normal Fault/Folding
      • Thrust Faults
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