In the Vidl Network My account page you can access orders, available downloads, addresses, account details, available courses information. VIDL Network is an easy-to-use online learning experience that combines training courses with hands-on projects. It is designed as a growth opportunity for you to learn and practice an applied science topic. We are focused on individuals who want to broaden their expertise, become more efficient and effective in science applications, and who want a dynamic IT experience to support their process. VIDL Network offers a complete management of online course modules and course projects. We started the VIDL Network with exploration applications but that is just the beginning! There are additional disciplines required to fully understand exploration such as, banking, legal and education. The VIDL Network has also enabled university professors to expand topic versatility by supplementing their class courses with customized modules and real-data-based project bundles. The VIDL Network has proved to provide excellent lab exercises. We understand that the ways people learn and advance their careers are changing and that the flexibility of using mobile tools is essential. That’s why VIDL Network is working to make the best online courses and projects in applied sciences accessible and fast. THE PURPOSE OF VIDL Network IS TO PROVIDE ONLINE TRAINING COMBINED WITH THE EXECUTION OF PROJECTS TO REINFORCE LEARNING OBJECTIVES. Home My account

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