How It Works

 The purpose of VIDL Network is to combine on-line module training sessions with the execution of real-data-based projects in order to reinforce learning goals. Our main objective is to inform on what ‘a science’ can do, how is it used, and reasons why.

The VIDL-student will navigate the VIDL Network website based on how the University has selected. VIDL Network will build a course library for the University. Each class within the library will have its individual entry point. The Modules and/or Projects selected by the Professor will be available to each class participant for the duration of the semester; generally, that is for four (4) months.

The cost is based on the number of modules and/or projects selected, and the number of students per class. The cost range averages $40 to $100 USD per student.

The University chooses a method of payment.

  1. The VIDL Network can invoice the University directly at the start of the semester and make a site available to the class-registered students.
  2. A second option, each student pays online for access to the University course library.