University Deans and Professors now have the best online courses and projects in applied sciences available to support student learning through the VIDL Network.

With VIDL Network, faculty members can:

  • Supplement class coursework
  • Expand topic versatility
  • Customize modules and real-data-based project bundles
  • Provide relevant and challenging lab exercises

VIDL Network is an easy-to-use online learning experience that combines training courses with hands-on projects. It is designed as a growth opportunity for introducing or obtaining working knowledge of an applied science topic. Our industry specialists focus on providing advanced science applications with a dynamic IT experience to support a student’s interest.

VIDL Network offers complete management of online course modules and course projects including course analytics so that the professor can follow a student or class interactions.

We understand that the ways people learn are changing and that having the flexibility of using mobile tools is essential. That’s why VIDL Network is working to make the best online courses and projects in applied sciences accessible and fast.