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Lithostratigraphic Correlation Project

For this project you will make a fence diagram of the Late Cretaceous Strata of the Denver-Julesberg Basin. You will do this by interpreting well logs from wells drilled for oil and gas production in the Basin. The relative locations of the wells are mapped on the accompanying Project Well Location Map.

The Well Log is a Bore Hole Image which is a stratigraphic section obtained by drilling a well into the subsurface and extracting a sequence of rock / sediment samples. Well logs types are explained in Module GG 101 Well Log Basics.

The well logs to be used for this project were obtained from the Colorado Commission on Oil and Gas. You are to use the deviation in Gamma Ray SP, Resistivity and Density logs to interpret (estimate) where sections of sandstone occur and identify the layer between the sandstone and mudstone occur.

For this project, you will make a lithostratigraphic correlation. This is the method most often used by geologist for structural interpretation, and is the basis of units on most geologic maps.

The following items are included:

  1. Project GG 502 Lithostratigraphic Correlation (audio option included)
  2. Project GG 502 Basin Background
  3. Project Well Location Map (PDF)
  4. Well log cross-section A – A’ (PDF available for download)
  5. Well log cross-section A – A’ (JPG image available for download)
  6. Well Log Cross-Section Example (PDF)