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The Well Log is a Bore Hole Image. It is record of a continuous in-situ down hole measurement of the physical and structural properties of a penetrated formation.

Modern day technology in oil/gas/mineral exploration utilizes a variety of probes (instruments) either singularly or in combination (stacked). Each of these well log types is utilized based on the objective selected for solving the exploration and development problem.

Learning Objectives

After completing this module, participants will understand:

  • What is a well log?
  • Distinguish the different types of probes and what they measure. The basic principles of the Resistivity, Gamma Ray, Density, and Neutron logs
  • The log scale range and units
  • Description of the Well Log Header and Measured Recording displays
  • The applications of measurements obtained are summarized

The following items are included:

  1. Well Log Basics (audio option included)
  2. Well Log Headers Examples