ESCI 3201


This course program includes all of the subjects for: Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan. Due Diligence and Phase I ESAs. Click on the 'Expand All' button to see all the subjects included.

Course Package: Potential Fields


This course package includes the following Potential Fields Topics and Subjects: Basement Structure  (5 Subjects) Rock  Properties  (4 Subjects) Pattern Recognition  (6 Subjects) Minerals Application  (1 Subject) GM Data Acquisition  (1 Subject) G&G Applications  5 Subjects) Data Enhancement Techniques  (4 Subjects) Structural Models  (4 Subjects) You can also take the courses within each topic listed above here.  

Course Package: ST 120 – Contouring Isopach Maps


This module consists of three (3) exercises (videos) and a well-based Project. The series develops methods for determining contour values, shape, orientation and spacing of contours. The video exercises will give you an opportunity to develop an understanding of the options in data contouring. Method 1 – contour a set of random data points, Method 2 – constructing an isopach map from data points with [...]


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