Gradiometry Course

VIDL Network experience can introduce you to Gradiometry, or more specifically, gravity and acceleration. Gravity gradiometry is the study and measurement of variations in the acceleration due to gravity. The gravity gradient is the spatial rate of change of gravitational acceleration. Gravity gradiometry is used by oil and mineral prospectors to measure the density of the subsurface, effectively the rate of change of rock properties

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Guide Project GR 801

The use of Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry, or FTG, is becoming increasingly common in the exploration industry. This set of three modules and projects will allow you to become familiar [...]


Guide Project GR-501

VIDL Network™ Project GR501 Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) Understanding the Components Modeled Geological Features Identifying Components in Modeled Data In VIDL Module GR102 we considered each of the components; [...]


Guide Project GR-502

VIDL Network™ Project GR502 Full Tensor Gravity Gradiometry (FTG) Understanding the Components Real Data As a reminder here is a summary of each component and an example of modelled data:In [...]

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