Environmental Course

VIDL Network experience can introduce you to Environmental Science which includes all aspects of the world in which we live. A short list of those aspects will include the air we breathe, the water we drink, ground we walk on, the heat and cold we feel, the radiation we absorb, the decisions we make, and the consequences we reap.

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Guide: DD 10 Due Diligence Overview

  Module # DD-10 Due Diligence Overview Most of the lenders will require environmental and structural due diligence or assessment performed for commercial real estate transactions in United [...]


Guide: DD 30 Phase II Environmental Assessment

Most the lenders will require Environmental and Structural Due Diligence or Assessment performed for commercial real estate transactions in the United States. Based on the findings of these assessments, lenders [...]


Guide: EV 20 Wastewater

All types of facilities in the private and public sector, including cities, schools, farms and industrial facilities generating domestic or industrial wastewater are required to obtain and maintain a Water [...]


Guide: EV 203 Rock and Soil Electrical Properties

Electrical Methods (i.e., direct current (DC) or low frequency methods) Introduction Electrical resistivity techniques are routinely used to solve hydrogeological (e.g., finding water bearing units (aquifers)), environmental (e.g., delineating groundwater [...]



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