Data Enhancement Techniques

Guide: PF 116 – Optimum Profile

  What is an optimal profile and how should an interpreter select one? Selecting the optimal profile is one of the most important initial steps in 2D modelling [...]


Guide: PF 117 – Reduction-to- Pole

The shape of a magnetic anomaly depends on a number of factors: Geologic structure (faults, anticlines, synclines, etc.) Magnetic Lithology (magnetite content, presence of remnant magnetization) The earth's ambient magnetic [...]


Guide: PF 118 – Data Enhancement Techniques

Broad-spectrum of complex information is prevalent in all geophysical datasets. The information reflects the physical effects of all cultural and geological sources. Geophysical interpreters have been utilizing data enhancement techniques [...]


Guide: PF 119 – Residualization

In general, the term "residual" refers to a quantity left over at the end of a process or in scientific terms the difference between an observed field and a calculated [...]

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