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Topic: Airborne Gravity

Airborne Gravity was developed primarily for petroleum exploration, where it is an economical alternative to ground and shipborne surveys.  It also has exciting application in regional geophysics, mineral exploration and geodesy. The learning objective is taking you through an introduction of the science starting with types of instrumentation to survey design, data processing and data quality control.


About Potential Fields

VIDL Network introduces you to Potential Fields, or more specifically, gravity and magnetics. The experience allows you to review some applications of these data or to embark on [...]


Example University Class Supplements

Example University Class Supplements Overview to Gravity Applications for Oil/Gas/Mineral Exploration Introduction to Airborne Radiometrics Full-Tensor Gravity Gradiometry Interpretation of Basement Structure Gravity Applications for Exploration Magnetic Application for Minerals [...]


Required Skill Level

Required Skill Level   Inquire with VIDL Support to discuss the level of expertise you seek for your students. The Skill Level Chart can be used as a guide to establish [...]


Resources Available to Students

Resources Available to Students include: Reference Library – reading list Databases, if required for a Project Database Search Assistance VIDL Support is available to subscribers to answer questions pertaining to [...]


Example University Lab Exercises

Example University Lab Exercises All questions pertaining to the science will be forward to the Professor Environmental Compliance: Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Environmental Compliance: Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan Organic [...]


Topics Currently Available

Topics Currently Available The VIDL Network offers students a variety of applied science applications. The current topics cover: Environmental Compliance Environmental Sciences Organic chemistry lab tools Overview to Gravity [...]


How It Works

How It Works  The purpose of VIDL Network is to combine on-line module training sessions with the execution of real-data-based projects in order to reinforce learning goals. Our main objective [...]


Faculty Assistance Programs

University Deans and Professors now have the best online courses and projects in applied sciences available to support student learning through the VIDL Network. With VIDL Network, faculty members can: [...]


Residual Gravity Field

The shorter wavelength component of the attributed to density Bouguer gravity field contrasts within high density basement and/or the lower density overburden. Anomalies in the residual field are usually of [...]



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